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M.Com (Master Of Commerce)

Masters of Commerce or MCom is a post graduate level course ideal for candidates who wish to make a career in banking financial services and insurance (BFSI) as well as accounting and commerce sectors. The two-year course delves deeper into the functioning of the economy, capital, revenue, trade, taxes, etc. taught in BCom.

Since MCom is a specialized area in itself, only those candidates who have pursued BCom or BCom (H), can pursue it. MCom is also a good option for CA/CS candidates. However, not many CA/CS aspirants pursue MCom as CA/CS

courses can be pursued after Class 12. MCom or Masters in Commerce is a two-year post-graduation degree offered at various colleges in India. 

The course is ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in banking, finance, accounting and different commerce sectors.

Students who successfully complete the MCom degree, have numerous career options worldwide. They can opt for various jobs in the public, private and government sectors. Chartered Accountants is one of the most popular job options for MCom graduates. Students can also opt to become Finance Executives, Bank Managers, Teachers, Trade Managers, Wealth Managers, Shares Broker, etc.

MCom tests the applicant’s analytical skills. Therefore the candidates who wish to pursue MCom must possess skills such as a love for numbers, strong logical reasoning skills, ability to remember facts and figures, good mathematic ability, strong verbal and communication skills, leadership skills, eye for detail, knowledge of banking and finance sector, good computer skills, etc.

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