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Phd Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy or PhD is an extensive research program. It deals with researches in various streams such as scienceengineeringmanagement, pharmacy, mass communication, law, commerce, etc. It is the most common and prestigious degree that aims for jobs in academics. Moreover, it is an earned research degree and awarded in diverse specializations. The students need to contribute some original results or ideas in a particular field of interest. Additionally, all PhD students need to submit a PhD thesis or dissertation at the end of the program. These researches will likewise extend the boundaries of knowledge from their end.


The PhD degree involves 3-5 years of research work with a thesis contributing to a subject of interest. Moreover, to complete a PhD degree, a student needs to complete course work, comprehensive examination, research work, and dissertation. However, one needs publication for a PhD degree as well. On the other hand, students need to have a master’s degree for applying to the PhD program. The cut-off score solely depends on the university/Institution. Students also need to qualify for the entrance examination, as well as the interview for admission to the PhD program.